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Eccentric Rustic

Autumn Libengood from First Assembly Community Ministries in Lafayette, IN brings us this fun eccentric design.

Their stage designer wanted to capture the feeling of being home and comfortable for their November and Thanksgiving set. She created an original stage design that came from just those feelings. She did lots of flea marketing and gathered several vintage pieces for this design. They hung Edison bulbs from the ceiling and created a one-of-a-kind chandelier using a ladder, wiring, and Edison bulbs. She took old lace and coffee stained them, then gathered old frames and put the lace into the frames by stapling it into the frames.


  • A roll of 16g wiring for $65.00 + shipping
  • Old fashion light socks for $4-5.00 each
  • Edison Bulbs for $5.00 each
  • Ladder $20.00
  • Old doors (free normally around $25-$30 each) joined together and placed on wheels. Around $25.00 for everything to put it together.
  • 20 lights all together
  • Old rugs for around $100 all together
  • Frames cost variety in prices but cost around $100.00 for all (borrowed a few as well)
  • They used several old table clothes coffee stained as well that cost around $20.00
  • Flea Market finds of lots of old items $75.00
  • Corn stock they got for free from a farmer
  • Pumpkins $25.00

They spent around $500.00 on this design and spent around 50 hours putting it together.

They hung the picture frames with 18g wiring and hung them from the light piping and worked their way down. Also used some fishing line (heavy) to attach some of the smaller frames to each other.














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