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End of Days

Rob Merow from Calvary Fellowship in Downington, PA brings us this armageddon-ish series design.

They repurposed their wooden planks for this series. The ladders of wooden planks (which were painted white for Christmas) were taken out to the parking lot where they beat them with sledge hammers, pipe wrenches, blow torches, and spray paint to look apologetically destroyed.

The carnage was then brought inside and suspended from the pipe grid with black chain in a way that made it appear as if the planks were growing out of the wreckage. A lot of haze and CB12 LED’s screwed right into the planks to self up-light itself made for a very surreal and dramatic presentation.

They also purchased 24 sheets of 2’x4′ plastic corrugated roofing material which was spray painted black and gray to give it the appearance of aged corrugated metal. This was suspended from the upstage batten as a cyclorama behind the planks which was up-lit with MEGAbar LED’s for color changing.

This set was done for $0 since everything was re-purposed from previous sets.







Colorful Duct Tape Trees and Wrinkles

5 responses to “End of Days”

  1. Deb Klein says:

    Way to go Rob! You are so talented! We are blessed to have you on our staff!

  2. Anne Wiggins says:

    Absolutely phenomenal, Rob!

  3. Brenda Templin says:

    Way to go Rob!!!! You talent is amazing!

  4. susan says:


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