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Fabric Columns

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this cool us of fabrics.

The back wall was 4’ squares of tufted fabric sewn together in house by their volunteers. They were comprised of 2 different types of colored fabric, a silver and a copper, this giving them the option and flexibility for reuse in the future. The two types of fabric were sewn together into a pocket, stuffed with a 1” sheet of cotton stuffing, and then sewn closed. They each had 13 buttons punched through them to give them their texture.

The columns were long strips of iridescent fabric with grommets at the top and tied off to the top aluminum square. The horizontal lines on the columns were actually 2’ square pieces of aluminum that were welded by an outside company. Each aluminum square was hung off the one above it from all or corners using aircraft safety cables. The columns were lit from above using a Mac 250 wash.

Between the background and the columns, was a row of extremely transparent light green fabric that was drawn together behind each column and drooped over a 3’ wide piece of PVC pipe that was dead hung from the ceiling, creating a fabric swag that swooped in from about 16’ wide down to about 3’ wide.

The truss at the top was internally wrapped with Voile fabric and lit from both ends with a Chauvet Rain 56 Led.


Glowing Angels and Trees Lines of Christmas Text

2 responses to “Fabric Columns”

  1. Joey Riggins says:

    Is this just a repost or did they build this same set again? I know they had this exact set before at this campus and at buckhead. I’m just interested in knowing if they cycle set designs over the years.

    • Jonathan Malm says:

      It’s a repost. They’ll be changing up their site soon, so they gave me permission to repost the designs here for posterity. :)

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