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Another great Duke Dejong stage design! This stage design was used at First Assembly of God in Cedar Rapids, IA. A vertical truss and horizontal pipe frame support this design based around a 9′ x 12′ front projection screen. The screen was used for information and graphics during the services.

Flanking both sides of the screen were 10′ wide by 20′ tall muslin cloth pieces pleated to produce some texture and shadows when lit.  Underneath the screen were three 3′ wide pieces of spandex.  LED lighting fixtures were used for the set lighting.

The LED fixtures were placed at the bottom inside of all the trusses to provide warmth to the structures. Each muslin piece was lit using two LED’s from the front and one raised LED from the back to light the areas that were shadowed from the front lighting.  The spandex pieces were also front lit using LED’s.

Duke Dejong:

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4 responses to “Fabriffic”

  1. rlm says:

    where did you buy the trusses I have looked on line and cant find them?

  2. dukedejong says:

    The truss I used is from Global Truss and it worked great. My best pricing has always been from Full Compass. Call George at (800) 356-5844, extension 1114.

  3. angela says:

    Where did you get the wide fabric?

  4. dukedejong says:
    It's 120" wide (might be 128") muslin fabric.

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