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Fall Planks

Rob Merow from Calvary Fellowship in Downington, PA brings us this planky stage design.

10 sheets of 3/8″ plywood ripped into 4″x48″ strips and mounted onto 2×3 “ladders” painted black. Each of the planks were stained or painted in a variety of fall colors. Once assembled, each tower was tipped up and just leaned against the black stage wall, with blocks screwed into the floor to prevent slippage. Decorative LED branches and branch rope were woven into the planks and plugged into the stage dimmers for added warmth.

Each tower was up-lit with a combination of LED MEGAbars and CB12’s.

Material cost was roughly $600 for wood, and $800 for LED branches (which were purchased previously and re-used for this set). Planks would be re-purposed for Christmas by being painted white, and then once again in January for their “End of Days” Armageddon sermon series (both coming up).






Rippled Colorful Duct Tape

One response to “Fall Planks”

  1. Serene says:

    nice lines. nice wood and fairy lights.

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