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Feet Feet Feet

Ricky Compton from Cornerstone Church in Greenville, South Carolina brings us this footerrific stage design.

For their “missions” series (Go Tell it) they wanted to project something sleek dirty. They chose feet. So they created these out of white canvas stretched over 2×4 frames (8ft x 3ft). Then they applied a base coat of red paint using a foam roller and brush. They sprayed some black to fade the edges and some splatters a few places. Then they painted on the feet with satin white paint and added a think black outline.

They hung them from the celling and backlit with some red LED’s.

Total cost: $250 (without lights)
Time: About 8 hours

A Clean Christmas Modern

3 responses to “Feet Feet Feet”

  1. mike says:

    i love this design. we are thinking about using hanging bulbs like these. where can i find some good deals on those?

  2. Ricky Compton says:

    We bought ours here…..

    Best price quick shipping!

  3. tommy says:

    Excellent, awesome, rad, perfect timing, Jesus you are love…. Isessness…..

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