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Felt Christmas

Christina Roberts from Cross Point Church in Ava, MO brings us this Christmas party-themed stage.

Christina created the large ornaments out of felt and hung them with ribbon at various heights from the ceiling. Large patterns, 2 to 3 foot shapes were created out of craft paper, and the ornaments and shapes were traced and cut out of felt. They used recycled plastic shopping bags to stuff the ornaments. The outside shape of the ornaments was sewn, but all of the detail work was hot glued on. These were very time consuming but made a big impact on the stage for very little cost.

The snowflakes were cut out of 1″ foam insulation, painted white, and sparkled with glitter. They also purchased silver platters from the Dollar Tree, drilled holes in them, and hung them from the ceiling in groups of three.

The Merry Christmas banner was made with felt. Strips of light cardboard were glued across the top of the triangles to add stability. The banner was strung through holes in the triangles on 1/4″ nylon rope from the trussing. To create the letters, felt was taped to the wall and an overhead projector was used to draw the letters with marker directly on the felt. The letters were then glued to the felt triangles.

Their drum riser was brought back from a previous stage design inspired by the design Shatterboxes. A carpeted platform was built and the front was covered with white Coroplast and strips of black Coroplast. A halogen light shined through the Coroplast for a dramatic effect.

They decorated two 7′ trees for each side of the stage with presents surrounding them and attached a rope light to the front of the stage to complete the design. They also created a Martha Stewart PVC tree for their foyer. Plans and budget available online on the Martha Stewart website or on Pinterest.


  • Felt: $40 JoAnn on sale
  • Nylon Rope: $7 from Walmart
  • Foam: $15 local building supply
  • Silver Platters: $12 Dollar Tree
  • Trees/Gift wrap/boxes/ornaments: donated
  • Rope Light: $40
  • Shatterbox Drum Riser (from a previous Easter set)








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