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Fencing Christmas

Jeff Hamilton from New Life Christian Fellowship in Laguna Niguel, CA brings us this Christmas fence on their stage.

They wanted a neutral “winter” scene for Christmas – keeping it simple and clean to serve the many different events they have going during the holidays. The stage area is 24′ wide, 20′ deep, with 14′ ceilings. So they found old, dead trees in an orchard. They cut off the largest limbs, spray painted them white, and strung them with white lights. They placed them in five-gallon buckets and used gravel and rocks to keep them upright. The buckets were placed inside burlap sacks.

To make the fence, they got five discarded pallets, stained them, and screwed them together. They bought six fenials (post tops) at a big box hardware store, stained them the same as the pallets, and screwed them in at every junction.

The back wall was lit with 5 syke box lights on the floor, and two 500W par cans from the top on each side.

Woven Bubbles Fluffy Christmas

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