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Flag Lines

Abraham Flores from Alcance Victoria El Monte in El Monte, California brings us this great use of LED tape.

The cost for this design was around $400 and this LINES concept became an idea days before they had started working. They made a frame and made it look almost like a pallet. For the size of their stage, they made the frames 4ft tall by 5ft long. For the outer two frames they made the lines that the lights were on 3ft and 10in so it would fit in the frame and with a 1ft spacing between each one.

And for the two middle frames they made the lines with the lights on them 4ft and 10in so it would fit, and with a 1ft space between each one.

For the ceiling lights they ordered 4 LED Par Cans and connected them to a DMX controller. And they would have used DMX Decoders so that they could control the LED Strips with the board, but it was just an issue with the budget.

Supplies Needed:
10 – 1×1 wood studs (Home Depot)
10 – Rgb LED Strips (Amazon)

They cut the strips so that they could use both sides so they had to order…
10 – IR remote controllers (Amazon)
10 – 24V 5A Power Adapter (Amazon)






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