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Flake Columns

Dan Harmon from Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Florida brings us this cool stage for their Christmas.

From Dan: Each year, we are tasked with building a stage set for our Christmas Production we hold in the local Performing Arts Theater.

The goal of the set was to create a broken “LED wall” that looked like windows spanning across the stage. Unfortunately, rental costs looked like they would be upwards of 30,000, so we decided to make our own “fake LED walls” for the show!

LED Walls:

We assembled a wooden frame, with Coroplast attached in the front. With these, we used aircraft cable to attach the boards together, hanging from a stage pipe in the theater. Then we front Projected on it using Pro Video Player (This let us use it’s masking tool to black out any area not in a screen, giving the environmental projection a true “LED” look. Total cost was under $500, plus projector rental

Laser Harp:

We also wanted to rent a laser harp for the opener we wrote, but came up short on multiple occasions. To rent one on Christmas eve became quickly expensive, so we decided we would build our own “Fake laser harp” (which we affectionately call. the “laser harp”). To do so, we bought 10 laser pointers off Amazon, and mounted them to a wooden frame we built to hold them and fan them out. Then, on the switch of a power strip the laser harp would turn on! (Note – there was no true control over this – but our Worship team did a great job faking it to a synced up track)

Total cost: $1000


We used Steven from to supply the backdrop. We wanted something that would pop behind our main message camera shots, and they couldn’t have been more perfect! Super easy to assemble in the 1 day setup we had to get the whole room transformed for the event!

In all, we spent right at $18,000 for the event, but originally quoted without creating those elements ourselves, was over $60,000!

To see it all in action, check out our full service here:











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2 responses to “Flake Columns”

  1. Michael Winders says:

    Any Chance we can get some more info on how you built the harp. Any specs you might be able to provide.

  2. Lance Lowell says:

    Can you share info on what Laser pointer you used? do you have a link.

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