Stage Designs

Floater Lines

Matt Temple from Church of the Harvest in Olathe, KS brings us these floating diagonal strips.

The frames were created using 2x4s, spray painted black. They also added a support 2×4 in the middle of each frame. This was important to give the stripes more structure to be drilled in.

The stripes were 1x2s. They used a myriad of 8′, 6′, 4′, and 2′ in random order to create the designs. Matt actually created duplicate designs and then hung one of them upside down so it wouldn’t all be the same. To design, they laid their box frame on the ground and started laying out the strips. This made it really easy to adjust and change the design. Once they were happy, they simply drilled them into the frame. The shorter ones, which were too short to reach two sections of the frame, needed two screws to keep them from pivoting.

They used bar lights to uplight the designs. Their stage posed some interesting design aspects though. Since all of the stripes go the same way, and their stage is corner set, the stripes on the right show more surface area to the audience. You can see the bottom surface of the right side, which means it needs less light from the uplights. If you look, it’s obvious the left side needed more because the drape had more spill on it. Overall, if your stage has a flat back, you should be able to uplight evenly.

For rigging, they used eye bolts through the wood and secured by a nut on the other side. Please consult a professional for rigging and ensure that what you hang is safe.

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