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Floating Discs

Scott Ivey from Crosspoint Fellowship Church in Schertz, TX brings us these hovering flying discs.

They bought six sheets of 4’x8′ white Coroplast, cut them into 4’x1′ sections for the big walls, and 3’x6″ pieces for the middle wall. Initially, they were going to just stick them flat on the wall in a checkered pattern, but Scott wanted more dimension than that. So they came up with the idea of using thin, squared off crown molding as a way to allow them to bow the Coroplast on the wall.

They sprayed the molding black with a flat black Rustoleum paint, and stuck them on the wall vertically with extra strong 3M tape. Then they bowed the Coro pieces into to pattern that they wanted on the wall by sticking one side of each piece on the inside edge of the molding, and the other side on the inside edge of the parallel molding strip.

The Coro held well for the first couple of hours, and then they could tell they were going to start falling off the wall. So they held them in place with a dot of hot glue on the corners of the Coro pieces.

They about $220 for the whole stage. Nice!







Plywood Bedroom Space Invaders

5 responses to “Floating Discs”

  1. Nanell Neal says:

    Joshua Neal worked hard on this stage design. Great job, son!

  2. Derrick Green says:

    Hey Scott! Nice design! We are trying to replicate this at our church but I was having trouble seeing the type of molding you guys used. I know it says squared crown molding but I’m having trouble finding small enough size that would work.

    Any tips?
    Thank you!

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