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Jim Barley from Pop Church in Irvine, Texas filled their sanctuary with water for their series playing off the upcoming Pixar movie, Finding Dori.

From Jim: When our pastor wanted to do a series on Finding Dori, our team asked, “What better idea than to turn our whole service into the ocean?!”

So we removed all of our pews and pumped 3 feet of water into the room—right up to the level of the stage. We used Patmos Waterline hybrid-teflon on the floors to make sure the water wouldn’t leak out. We then told people to bring their water noodles and life savers and use those for their seats. We even handed out snorkels to the parents who wanted to keep their kids in the service with them.

We tried putting fish in the water to fully round out the effect for the series, but we forgot fish don’t do well with chlorine. So we held a sushi potluck after on the first weekend.

Besides a few electrical issues here and there, it went great! It took us about 2,000 rolls of paper towels to get the room completely dry after the sermon series, but it was worth it!

Finding Glori

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17 responses to “Flood Your Church”

  1. Sam says:

    Did you end up singing Oceans? and did the front of the stage have a deep end? just in case people wanted God to take them deeper then their feet could wander

  2. William Summerville says:

    Please let this be an April Fools Joke.

  3. William Summerville says:

    Nice One!

  4. Ernie says:

    … and why wait to have a water baptism service. Kill two fish with one service!

  5. George says:

    This is great! :) Hey, does anyone know what the panels are that are used for the stage backdrop?

  6. Jon says:

    I was wondering if this church has a personal website?

  7. Chase Hilliard says:

    not to be rude but everyone knows it’s a joke right? it’s obviously photoshopped lol. they took an early stage and slapped it on the pool

  8. justin morgan says:

    How did you attach the mio to the wall, because they dip in the center. Would’nt they hit?

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