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The creative team from Stafford Crossing Community Church in Fredericksburg, VA brings us this design to replace their pallet wall.

From the team: For the past several years, we had a pallet wood wall and cross. We went for a huge change this Fall in part because we were celebrating our 15th anniversary as a church and the 5th year in our building. This design is definitely an example of the body of Christ at work. The design really came from a team of individuals that included staff members, our lighting volunteer, and several creative individuals from our church. The construction took a team of volunteers to deconstruct and reconstruct the basic stage, another team to put together the design elements, a faithful volunteer to figure out how to cut those letters from Styrofoam, and another team to construct and hang the cross.

First, we took down the pallet wall and replaced it with dry wall. We went with dry wall to make it easier to adhere things to it than the block wall that was behind it. We a painted the drywall black to give us a blank pallet to work with.

The next layer is paper tiles. These were purchased from Wall Decor 3D. This is a Canadian company, so be ready for a foreign transaction fee. The tiles are 20X20. We simply used an air gun stapler to attach them to the wall. Make sure you have your level handy! The recommendation by the manufacturer is to use mastik and caulk. We decided, for our purposes, staples allowed us to move them and remove them easier.

The letters are stickers we had made at Fast Signs adhered to and cut from Styrofoam. This is a perfect example of how distance is forgiving, because up close, these letters don’t look so great. This was our first foray into using a hot knife to cut anything. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area. The Styrofoam was donated by a local company.

The cross is made metal 2 by 4’s and 1 by 6’s. The frame is supported with a piece of luan cut in a cross shape. The studs are painted with primer and then a metallic spray paint. We painted the luan black so it would blend with the wall. The lights inside were purchased from Amazon (BEILAI RGB LED Strip Lights Kit, about $25 a kit). We used 4 strips to light this cross. Our desire was to use our light board to drive this, however, because of limited space on our board, we chose to use a switched outlet and we turn it on and off each Sunday. Originally, we tried running two strips in series off one power supply, however, the power supply doesn’t put out enough to make the second strip as bright as the first. So, we adjusted our design to add the additional power supplies.

The tiles on the side and to the left and right of center are lit by Chavet Colorado Batten 72 Tour. ($749) The center lights are a matched set of round LEDs we had already. We purchased several of these last Christmas for a stage design and added three more for this design.

All in all, this stage design cost us about $3000; most of that was the cost of lights, tiles, and the drywall supplies.


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