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Foam Bowling

Mark Zuiderveen from Harvest Bible Chapel Davenport in Davenport, Iowa brings us these Coroplast+foam bowl panels.

This design was for a student ministry event called “WinterJam”. This particular year’s theme was One16 from Romans 1:16 – hence the banner (printed on Coroplast).

The existing stage design and baptistery was covered by their stage curtain. The panels of “bulb lights” where constructed from black Coroplast, 4’X8′ (standard size) in dimension and unaltered. The “bulbs” were actually deep soup Styrofoam bowls bought online from Walmart at a bulk price. The process was relatively simple for assembly.

Once the dimension and spacing was determined, using fishing line as the guide for placement on the Coroplast, it was as simple as using a hot glue gun and tacking the bowls on by 2 dots of glue. It didn’t take much. 6 panels were constructed and they still had a ton of bowls left over. The panels were hung from the ceiling to just barely rest on the stage, hung by fishing line that they already had.

They did this to avoid bowing with the Coroplast because they opted for the cheaper version (it was a bit flimsy). Once they had the panels and banner suspended, they put the drums on a riser and lit the “bulb lights” from the base.





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  1. Chris says:

    Quick question. Where did you purchase your coroplast sheets from?

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