Christmas Designs

Foamy Christmas

James Trippett from Bon Air Church of the Nazarene in Kokomo, Indiana brings us this crafty Christmas design.

This Christmas they decided to go for an outdoor living room theme. They had no money budgeted for stage design so they had to be very creative. They used 4×8 sheets of 1″ Styrofoam from Menards and they cut out the fireplaces and free-handed the rock-look, then painted it to look like a real fire place. They googled “fire” and found a picture of a fire that they used to draw and paint the flames in the fireplace. The tree was just painted Styrofoam pieces with added garland. Even the gifts were Styrofoam pieces just wrapped in Christmas wrap.

They added lighting from the ceiling which helped them on their next stage design too. Their lighting is just simple par cans. They added poinsettias and other items that are common in a living room at Christmas time.





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