Stage Designs

Foil and Silhouettes

Jessica Henderson from East Clairemont Southern Baptist Church in San Diego, CA brings us these silhouette characters.

From Jessica: We had our last sermon series on the family, focusing on verses from Ephesians 5-6. The title is Finding Hope @ Home.

We have a pretty traditional looking church and we try to keep things simple, but impactful. This design was created with Coroplast and black spray paint for the silhouettes and foam board for the word HOPE. The results were more than we hoped for and helped to represent church members of all different backgrounds. We are also working on a small budget. the cost for this cam out to a little under $100.

We used 8 by 4 feet sheets of Coroplast and sketched out the people. Then we used a razor blade to cut them out. We then spray painted them black (matte). We then assembled them on stage with fishing wire and duct tape.

Pleated Sailing the Seas

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