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Form-Fitting Wood Wall

Don Gergely from North Terrace Church of Christ in Zanesville, Ohio brings us this pallet wall that fits to their stages shape.

They borrowed the pallet idea from other churches they found on CSDI and incorporated it into the back wall of their worship center (which doubles as a gym during the week). They got all the pallets for free because a man from their congregation got them donated from the company he works for.

The only cost they incurred was about $300 in lumber to frame up the back wall which was toggle-bolted to the existing wall for safety. It took about three solid days of constructing to get the whole look completed.







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9 responses to “Form-Fitting Wood Wall”

  1. Looks good, now just to get rid of the carpet and get a new 16×9 projector and screen.

  2. Aaron Phillips says:

    How did you decide where to put the boards and which ones to overlap?

    • Don Gergely says:

      That’s actually what took the longest. We started from the bottom and worked our way to the top. We would nail gun a few rows and then step back to see if everything was blending in. We mixed lighter and darker boards to give it a random effect. Once we got the main layer done, we started tacking random boards in places where there were holes in order to give it depth. There’s really one solid layer and a second partial layer which are random pieces scattered around.

      • Aaron Phillips says:

        Oh gotcha, thanks for the tip we are going to be building something similar to this in at my church this week.

  3. Rod Idle says:

    We are currently collecting pallets for our stage wall too! Lyndsay is in charge of it. Is it okay for her to contact you if needed?

  4. Kelly says:

    tell me more about the lighting that you chose to sign up against the wall? And did you bother staining wood at all or just use it as is? Looks great!

    • Gergs says:

      Hi. We just left the wall as it is, we didn’t stain it at all. The lighting is just LED bars and pars that we linked together so we can change color. Pretty simple but looks great.

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