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Wendy Runge and Anthony Olson from Kamloops Alliance in Kamloops, BC, Canada brings us this cool fabric Christmas design.

This year for Christmas, their theme was Meeting Jesus. They wanted to intentionally create space for people during the season to enter into reflection. Their core words or themes were warm, space, breathing room, exhale, light, reflection.

During their services, they set aside time for their congregation to journal, providing material that closely related to the sermon topic that weekend.

Though abstract, their stage reflected these core themes and concepts by supporting the idea of breathing/exhale (fabric movement on stage). It reflected the winter season via choice in color of fabrics (cooler tones, night sky). They used the tub lights to bring in warmth and light into the design, and hung net lights within the fabric to reinforce the idea of night sky (open space, the quiet of snow fall, or night time)

They used 75 yards of fabric torn into strips, mounted on 2x2s to their ceiling, hung at different lengths and in 4 layers. The tub lights were made of wood dowel, metal bracket, and a wash basin. Additionally they used stained wood and paper bags to create stars/snowflakes that were placed around the stage for their Christmas Eve services.

Splat Grid Fill

9 responses to “Frayed”

  1. Roy Hubert says:

    Wow wow. Great work by a great team. I was there and saw this in person. Just great.

  2. Jana says:

    Another great set from a great crew! This team consistently pursues excellence in following Jesus. So great to benefit from their ministry and be led into reflection and worship.


    We visit Kamloops 2 to 4 times a year and attend this church on those Sundays, as well as watch their taped services occassionally inbetween. I have to say how impressed I am that the stage decor so creatively reflects the current theme of whatever series of messages is being relayed. Such consistency and contemporary artistic focus helps those present physically, as well as those “attending” through the access of digital media, be more aware and intrigued by the spiritual topic and practial application to everyday living and everyday worship. This team excels in innovation and expression. Atmosphere conciously and subconsciously affects anticipation, perspective, and engagement – as is so positively demonstrated in this avenue of ministry at Kamloops Alliance. I am paying close attention and striving to replicate this commitment to excellence in my role, transitioning to this level of involvement rather than as the lady who “decorates” the church.

  4. Bruno Penner says:

    You should see it now! Wow!

  5. Danae Handorf says:

    Love this!

  6. kim mclennan says:

    This is just about the coolest set Ive seen on here!! And I love how tied it was to the message and theme for the services. It is what we strive for also and it is hard to find new inspiration for that. Well done and I would love to see more of your teams stuff.

  7. Charley Tynes says:

    Really love this design. I’m doing similar basin lights for our Easter set, but I haven’t found a good stand for them until I saw this. Any chance you could share the plans or parts list for the tripod stands for the lights? Thanks!

  8. Austin Whelan says:

    Great work! Would love a detailed write up on the wash basin lamps!

  9. Colene Wiens says:

    What a beautiful set! We’d like to base our Christmas design largely from this. Thank you so much for sharing it! About how wide are the fabric strips? Are they all similar types of sheer fabrics? I see several different colors. Thank you!

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