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Brandy Gibson from Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV brings us this pulsing stage design.

They built this set for a series called “Ignite”. But they also needed to be able to quickly remove it for a Jars of Clay concert happening in the middle of the series. So they went with 80 cardboard tubes (54″x3″) to create this set. A local printing company donated the tubes so it was cheap.

They arranges the tubes on their stage and hot glued them together to keep them in place while they screwed it into the aluminum tubing (20’x1″x1″ square aluminum tubing). They cut the aluminum into varying lengths (8-10′) and overlapped placement to add strength.

To hang it they used 1/8″ cable at 5 evenly spaced points. They attached the cable to the aluminum tubing by drilling holes in the tubes.

Budget: under $100.

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5 responses to “Frequency”

  1. Tim says:

    Waveform, not frequency… :-)

  2. Mike Fowler says:

    It’s very dynamic…I really like it!

  3. Mike Fowler says:

    It’s very dynamic…I really like it!

  4. Kade Young says:

    I love the simplicity of this! Way cool.

  5. Afor says:

    This is wow

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