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Jeremy Cole from Mosaic Church Dubai in Dubai, UAE brings us these great portable Coroplast pieces.

They started their new stage design by building wooden frames out of 2 x 4’s and painting them black. Since they are a portable church, they ended up making 5 panels that they could easily transport between the storage room and stage. Each wooden frame was approximately 3 feet wide and 9 feet tall because of the size of their room.

They went to a local supplier and bought white Coroplast sheets (4 feet x 8 feet panels) and painted half of them grey to give some contrast. For more added visual interest, they cut the Coroplast into 2, 3, 4, and 5 inch wide strips. They initially cut all the pieces into 4 feet wide pieces and then as they began to place them onto the wooden frames they would cut them to the desired length. They ended up stapling the Coroplast pieces to the wood frames. Stapling they found held the Coroplast strong enough for what they needed and was the fastest way to do it. They stapled pieces to the front side and back side of the frames to give some dimension and placed them into a mostly random pattern.

For lighting, they used 5 LED Bars (no brand, China-made) mounted to a truss from the top. They have 2 portable tripod stands with truss connections that they used to raise the truss and along with the black backdrop cloth. For front lighting, they used 2 Coemar ParLite Variwhite Leds connected to a truss on a baseplate.

Total cost for just the backdrop supplies of wood, Coroplast, and paint was just over 200 dollars.







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