Stage Lighting

Frost Your LEDs

In honor of Christmas I’m posting up this great tip from Ryan Spencer at The Net Church in Chattanooga, TN.

Have you ever been annoyed when your LED fixtures shine in people’s eyes. It sort of kills the mood when you see the red, green and blue diodes shining in your eyes. To fix the issue, Ryan cut circles of plastic diffusing sheets (used for fluorescent lights) and put them 6″ in front of the diodes in their Par 56 LEDs.

The rest of their set is very portable because they meet in a movie theater. They have 1 hour to set-up and about 30 minutes to tear-down their stage area that fills the bottom of a movie theater.

Ryan created 2 custom built crank up truss stands that support 20′ of aluminum trussing with 8 PAR 56 LEDs providing back lighting, 2 PAR 36 LEDs for truss warmers, and 4 SCX500’s. They have a couple more truss pieces, grey curtains, 4 more PAR 36 LEDs, and 4 Wash Bar LEDs to complete their stage appearance.

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