Christmas Designs

Frosty Forestry

Joshua Metzger from River Hills Christian Church in Loveland, Ohio brings us this scene a few steps away from the shining city of War Drobe in the far land of Spare Oom.

They started by covering the back of the stage with a sheer fabric purchased from Rosebrand fabrics. Next they cut down trees from their property to various heights and painted them with white flat paint to look frosted. They attached bases to the trees created out of 2×4’s and placed them on stage.

Then they cut multiple sizes of snowflakes from 4×8 foam insulation sheathing purchased from Home Depot. They painted them with glossy white paint and suspended them from fishing line in the auditorium and hallways. Joshua used chicken wire to create mounds at the bases of the trees and covered them with foam snow padding. He placed two gas lamp posts and a number of poinsettias around to finish off the look.

Once the lighting was set they added two snow machines to create their environment.

They carried the theme throughout the building too.

Each week of the series had a “buzz” word that they cut out of the foam sheathing. They hung the words on the wall in the main hallway and changed them on stage to correspond with each week.

The biggest expense was the fabric. They found it on clearance for $400. The foam, the paint, and rollers cost around $150. The rest was repurposed material.

Side note: The foam cuts like butter with a rotozip. (like a big drimmel. $15 @ harbor freight)

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