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Game of Pallets

Robert Dennard from South Hills Assembly of God (Satellite Youth) in Bethel Park, PA brings us this pallet design for their youth room.

The pallet towers stage design was inspired by several other designs on Church Stage Design Ideas utilizing wood or pallets as a backdrop. They obtained as many wooden pallets as possible from local stores—all of which were given for free simply because they didn’t need them. The towers were made of six pallets each, fastened together in a “V” type design in order to be 3 dimensional and be stable on the stage. They then lit the pallet towers from behind and below in order to let light escape through the slats. Utilizing a haze machine greatly enhanced this effect. They used 1 SlimPar64 RGBA and 1 Color Palette behind each column.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

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