Christmas Designs


Josh Collesano from Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI brings us this awesome look for their Christmas stage design.
Info from Josh:

At Woodside our stage and venue designs are more based around the seasons of our culture and church vs series-based. That being said one of the 5-7 looks we do every year falls at winter time and Christmas. For us, just like you, Christmas Eve is a massive season where many are coming that normally wouldn’t come; so we put a lot of effort into this look.

The look is based on a few different elements:
1. The upstage wall
2. The stage left/right sections of truss, lighting, and soft goods
3. What we’re affectionately calling the “geometree’s”

The upstage wall is roughly 32’x8′ and comprised of three 10’x8′ panels mounted to the front of a scaffold setup. The scaffold is one of our stage decks for Christmas Eve so we built it into the winter look. Between each of the three panels are Elation LED bars. The face of the upstage wall is made up of Mio ceiling form tiles. To hide the seems we taped over them and then painted the tape. From a few feet out each panel looks like one cohesive surface.

The side truss and softgood’s are simply that. On each side there is a 12′ 10′ and 8′ stick of truss. Inside each truss is an Elation par 100 truss warmer. On each truss is a single Elation LED bar facing out; and on top of the truss are ADJ moving washes and Elation 15r profile fixtures. The soft goods are a semi sheen fabric that we had laying around from the early 2000’s :-)

The GEOMETREE’S where a crazy shape that I found in a German Christmas conference report from last year. I took the idea to a friend of mine here on our team and he figured out all of the trigonometry and angles needed to cut, bevel, and miter the pieces so that they meet up perfectly on all sides. I’ll post those details of the angles in the comment section later! There are two sizes of trees: 10′ and 8′ and inside each tree is a lighted star from Sams Club and each one is on a dimmer giving us control. The trees are light enough to be hung via safety cable from our grid above our stage and look amazing when gobo’s hit them or simply on.

This build took a team of staff and volunteers 4 days to assemble and set up and we couldn’t have done it without each of them!

The upstage wall projection:
Our team is always looking for ways to better engage our congregation and leverage technology and design for the sake of our mission. That being said the upstage wall is perfect for projection mapping! For this we purchased two NEC ultra short throw projectors and a Matrox Triple Head 2 Go. We used a MacBook Pro with Pro Presenter to drive the content. To handle the edge blending we chose Pro Presenters edge blending module which takes a lot of the math out of it for us! The plan is to project dynamic motions, some lyrics, as well as our series package (pictured)











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