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Ghostly Wrinkles

Matt Sheren and Nic Slade from Mount Bethel UMC‘s Encounter Service in Marietta, GA brings us this ghostly design that’s anything but ghastly.

They are constrained by a low ceiling height (+/- 15ft.).

So they put up 10ft of box truss that they purchased last year and hung five 3×10 sections of the screen mesh from it. They left a gap between them (8inches) and hung corrugated metal between the mesh. They hung the mesh and metal with zip ties.

To light it they used 10 American DJ Par 64 LED’s up and down lighting the mesh. They rigged two 575 spots on top of the truss to throw gobos on the deck so it adds depth when they haze the stage. They also put two 575’s on the floor to add more texture to the mesh. They got everything at Home Depot, and the set cost under $100 (minus the lights and truss).

Scaled Indigence Seeing Inside

2 responses to “Ghostly Wrinkles”

  1. Joe says:

    Great job Matt! I know what it feels like to deal with low ceiling height. I’ve used the screen and metal before but on separate designs. I love the combination of the two. That may be in Real Life’s future.

  2. Jessica says:

    How do you get the mesh to crumple like that?

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