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Gimme a Samurai Sword

Adam Neal from Journey Church in Raleigh, NC brings us this stage design begging to be slicer apart with a samurai sword.

For their 7-week series, EPIC, their pastor requested a visual timeline on the stage. So they built columns on the front of the stage. The columns consisted of two wooden crates ($8/each) from A.C. Moore stapled to each other, then wrapped with blinds (8 total).

The hanging blinds were 3 blinds per column, tied together and hung from the ceiling with hanging wire. They bought the blinds from Lowes for around $28/each (12 total).

The letters were made locally with PVC material for about $85/letter. (You could also use foam.)

Total cost for the design was a little over $1,000.

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One response to “Gimme a Samurai Sword”

  1. Pastor Roberto (Italy) says:

    I’m gonna use this.. cheap and NICE !!

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