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Glow and Flow

The AV team from Fairview Baptist Youth in Corryton, TN brings us this glowing piece of eye candy.

They built the towers from Natural (translucent color) Coroplast with plywood bases. They lit the towers with Chauvet SlimPar 64s.

Then they constructed the panels from wood frames and stretched canvas. To paint the words, they projected the letters onto the panels and hand painted them.

They decorated the side panels with handwritten scripture, martyrs’ names, and mission sites written in black and red marker. Then they painted the black stripes to create the flowing look. They lit them with American DJ MegaPixel LED bars.

They also used some environmental projectors on the side walls. Without lighting, this set could be recreated for $400.

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16 responses to “Glow and Flow”

  1. Tim Sherwood says:

    This looks great. Nice Job

  2. Alex Wead says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard of coroplast until now. For the coroplast sheets, does it matter what thickness is used?

    • Jonathan Malm says:

      Glad we could introduce you to it! :) The thickness doesn’t matter…especially if you’re using a solid color…it’s just up to you on what you want to spend and how flexible you want it. I always use the thin stuff. I believe it’s 2 millimeter thickness…

  3. Chris Brouns says:

    Another outstanding setup that is completely accessible to most small venues as well. Well Done!!!

  4. Tyler Lahar says:

    What are the side panels made out of? And what type of canvas are you using

    • Chad Pressley from Fairview says:

      The side panels are made out of canvas dropclothes we purchased from Lowes and stretched over 2×4 frame. We ripped the 2x4s in half and bought dropclothes with enough material to cover at least two frames.

  5. jimmy says:

    This looks awesome. We might do this in our main sanctuary!

  6. Eric says:

    Hey how are the coroplast towers built? What I mean is how did you form the coroplast into the towers? Is it just simply folded into a rectangle? Or is it glued together, etc? How much coroplast is used for each tower? I so have many questions. My pastor loves this and wants me to attempt to re-create it.

    • Chad Pressley from Fairview says:

      The towers are made by scoring the 4×8 sheet of choroplast into equal 1 foot wide sections. Then fold the opposite side to create the rectangle. You may have to tape the corners if you cut too deep. We used clear box tape to put it together and put that edge facing away from the crowd. We built 1/2 plywood bases that were 13″ wide 12″ deep and 14″ high and painted them black. You want them to fit snug in order for them to keep their shape.

  7. Tyler Lahar says:

    Now, the canvas is it just the white canvas or are you using the canvas/plastic? ( the canvas that we got is pretty thick, is the canvas you used thick too?) And are you lighting it from befind or the front? We are currently trying to make it for our stage for a worship night this October. Also, how are they standing?

    • Chad Pressley says:

      We used the Trimaco brand 8 oz drop clothes purchased from Lowes. The panels on the sides was 2 of the 9′ x 12′ drops cut to make (6) 2 1/2′ x 8′ panels. If you purchased the 10 oz. they will also work but they may be harder to stretch. Be sure to put supports vertically and horizontally in your frames when you stretch the drops or otherwise the frames will warp. We lit the panels from the front. We stood the larger panels on the bases of the light towers. The side panels are leaning on the back wall. If you dont have a back wall you can make upside down T braces.

  8. Bart Morrison says:

    What lighting controller are you using on this setup?

  9. Tyler Lahar says:

    One more question. What is the length of the led light bars that you used to light the canvas frames? Thanks for all your help.

  10. blaise says:

    Do you happen to remember where you got your coroplast? I have been looking online and most of the them I find look more white than translucent.
    Thank You

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