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Glowing Cubes

Ryan Magada from Valley Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia brings us these glowing cubes of goodness.

The base of this set is everyone’s favorite campaign sign material–Coroplast (corrugated plastic)! The cubes were cut from 5′ x 10′ sheets of clear coroplast that were taped together with clear packing tape. The tape is invisible when lit. The cubes were 2.5′ tall and wide.

The backdrop under the screen was made of the same coroplast but was scored on opposite sides to make the bends. Ryan found a great tool for cutting along the flutes of the Coroplast– the Coro-Claw.

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13 responses to “Glowing Cubes”

  1. jeff lyon says:

    where do you find 5' x 10' sheets of coroplast?

  2. hdc77494 says:

    What are the fire code issues with internal lights? Do you have to use a certain type of fixture/bulb, or is there fire retardant coroplast? Jeff, the company selling the coro-claw listed above also sells the sheets in a dozen colors. 4mm appears to be the standard.

  3. Ron Bacorn says:

    Where did you find that Mickey Mouse implement at? haha. Good Job, Ryan.


  4. Ryan Magada says:

    Jeff – hdc is corrent, the same company that makes the coro-claw is the one i purchased the sheets from. They do arrive via freight, so if you do not have a loading dock, it could be a little interesting. It worked out well that Valley Church is situated in an old warehouse that still has the dock doors functioning! Haha. The 5×10 sheets were the best way to save money with the design I was going for. I would recommend the 4'x8' sheets that can be sent by UPS. Hope that helps!

    hdc – The lights used to illuminate the cubes were little LED washes. (Chauvet 152b's to be exact. They are $99 at guitar center.) they put off absolutely no heat. Also, the lights were behind, and 2 on top lighting down. The clear coroplast distributes the light VERY well. All i had to do was make the cubes and stack. Lighting was a cinch.

  5. Erin says:

    How much was the total cost for the project?

    • Ryan Magada says:


    • Ryan Magada says:

      And that was because i got 25 sheets of 5'x10' which had to be shipped by freight. :) . You can pick up the white 4'x8' sheets at any sign shop. Usually around $15-$20 a sheet … kind expensive to do it that way though.

  6. Jill says:

    The design is great! Did you hold the cubes together with anything or just stack them? I like the idea of taping them… they can come apart for storage… always an issue for me! I am wondering about the sheets as well. I have a difficult time finding them. Especially in clear. Have you ever worked with the colors?

    • Ryan Magada says:

      Thanks! Stacked them. I used more clear tape to hold the rows of 3 cubes over the rows of 2. Here is a link to the 4'x8' sheets :… . I have worked with the white, not really ever worked with colors since i have LED cans that make plastic change colors. The white doesnt "glow" like the clear does, but it can be front-lit for some great effects!

  7. lekan agbadaola says:

    what is coroplast

  8. Cody says:

    i want to do something similar, I am worried that the corrugation (little lines) would show through with the light behind. Is it at all noticeable up close? and does anybody know if it is fine enough to have projection from the back? I don’t need a clear picture in the back, i am just looking for a (hazy at worst) city landscape.

    You guys did awesome by the way!

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