Christmas Designs

Throwback: Glowing Hives

The creative team at Echo Church in Pleasant Hill, MO brings us these glitter hexagon snowflakes. (from 2013)

They went to Hobby Lobby and purchased about 28 white 30″x40″ foam poster boards. Using their great math skills, a straight edge, and a table saw, they measured and cut out the hexagon shapes. Their back wall is painted black, so they made black frames out of 2x2x8 boards from the hardware store.

They designed and assembled those frames with screws so that each hexagon would have an area on the wooden frame structure to hold it in place. They wanted a bit of sparkle and texture to their design, so they went to Walmart and bought several rolls of gold glitter wrapping paper. They wrapped each hexagon in the wrapping paper and got covered themselves head to toe in glitter.

After laying the whole design out the way they liked it, they attached the hexagons to the wooden frame structures with double sided sticky velcro. The next step was to drill holes around the edges of each hexagon. They used a template to make sure the holes were drilled in the same place for each hexagon. They purchased white strands of Christmas lights and poked each light into the drilled holes from the back. (Don’t use LED lights-they will flicker in video recordings.)

Then, with the help of several people, they hung the structures mid air from the ceiling using metal wire. It was a bit tricky to get the structures level and in just the right place, but the end result was just what they hoped for.

They plugged each snowflake’s white Christmas lights into its own DMX Dimmer Pack Channel so they could turn all of their stage lights off and see just the white outlines as a different kind of setting.

Don't Leave Foam Without It Stacked and Backed