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Glown Up

Zac Morgan from Austin Christian Fellowship | ACFstudents in Austin, TX brings us this wooded stage design.

These wooden triangle pillars were created with mobility in mind. They functioned as a permanent room design with the option of mobile use.

This design featured 9 total panels including (6) 4×8′ panels, (1) 8×4′ panel, and (2) 2×4′ panels.

Each panel started as a wooden frame with a 4×8 piece of plywood nailed to the top of the frame. Adhesive wood flooring was then installed to the top side of the plywood and cut to fit. Legs were then built to the back of the panels and a 5×5″ square hole was cut into the middle of each panel. 2×4′ triangles were cut out of plywood and topped with a different colored adhesive wood flooring. On the back side of the triangles heavy tin foil was spray glued for maximum reflectiveness. Two 4″ 2x4s were cut and mounted to the front side of the wood panels and then attached to the back side of the wooden triangles leaving a 5″ gap between the panel and the triangle. A light strand mounted to a small piece of plywood was inserted into the panel hole and nailed, lightbulb facing the back of the triangle. After a coat of black paint around the edges, some sand bags zip tied to the back of the legs, and all of the light strands were plugged into a DMX box, the set was complete.

The 5×5″ square hole was originally cut to house an LED par, but last minute decisions led them to decide to use some old fashioned light bulbs.

You can also see how they converted this to a Christmas set later on.













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2 responses to “Glown Up”

  1. Adam Carmichael says:

    Nice work!! Simple, clean and warm!

  2. Austin says:

    I would love to do this. Our fire marshall is incredibly strict though so everything had to be fire rated. Nice idea though!

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