Christmas Designs

Grinchy Trees

Ivan Adriel from Tiberias Pakuwon Trade Centre Surabaya in Indonesia brings us this design inspired by Whoville Trees.

To make this design, they started by cutting styrofoam with a razor blade. They hung the styrofoam with string to make it look like it was standing up.

They used a cement package to make the icicles and block of ice podium. They painted the cement white to make it look frosty.

Then they washed the styrofoam with Par LED 36’s.

The budget was $50 USD.

Suffering Snowflakes Rock and Roll Fire

15 responses to “Grinchy Trees”

  1. Issachar says:

    Its just combination of styrofoams and ligtning, but it turned out awesome.. literally…

    Simple n well executed

  2. dastan says:

    how do you get the picture??

  3. priskila says:

    Yess…that’s my church, Tiberias!! It felt so different when I was inside. Snow fall in Surabaya, hahaha… Thanks Ivan to bring out the moment of peace during this Christmas season. An awesome design :D Jesus bless us

  4. andry says:

    its great..

  5. novi says:

    That was really awesome…

  6. Great job. What did you use to cut the styrofoam? The edges are neat and smooth.

    • Issachar says:

      Just a normal-cutter-from-nearest-stationery I think. I used it a lot too. To smooth the edge simply with sharp cutter (brand new is needed) if the cutter is used a lot before, just replace the razor with new one.

  7. tita says:

    Wow! Excellent…

  8. septy says:

    it’s beautiful design, it’s seem look like snow melted… very-very awesome…, two thumb for the designer ivan n friend’s, tiberias church very-very proud have all of u guys, keep have a creative idea n brilliant ideas.. & explore that specially on Tiberias church :) God Bless U all

  9. Rick says:

    Love the look but having trouble understanding the ice on the front of the stage, cement package? What’s the process and product?
    Love it!

  10. KB says:

    very cool look, but there is no way they could do that many sheets of styrofoam on a $50 budget. That stuff runs $9-11 per sheet.

  11. Deirdre Ingram says:

    How did you make the ice. What materials did you use?

  12. Mark Branson says:

    Great design! Do you have a template you could send me?

  13. Jodi Owens says:

    LOVE!! Curious about the icicle look! Not sure that I understand what product was used…anyone explain it more? Also-the trees! Do you have a pattern? A template?
    Looks amazing!! Great Job!

  14. Angela Shoaf says:

    I love this!!! Where did you find Styrofoam that large?

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