Christmas Designs


Bridgett Williamson from 902 Church in Kinston, NC brings us this Grinch-filled stage design.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas was inspired by the timeless Dr. Seuss classic to support the series of the same name on how to combat loneliness, stress and greed over the Christmas holiday. The Creative Team at 902 Church in Kinston, NC first covered two 8×8 wood pallets with a king size flat sheet and airbrushed a “Whoville” home on each. The chimney was airbrushed on a poster board, cut out and staple gunned to the pallet. Haphazard quirky Christmas balls of red and white were hot glued on thin white twine and hung behind the pallet homes. Trees were cut out of Styrofoam insulation panels with a hot knife. The drum shield was covered in white bulletin board paper and dubbed as the fireplace. Also airbrushed, the fireplace held red and white sock stockings. Several large boxes were wrapped in white and donned with gigantic red bows and scattered about the set. Six 10 foot PVC pipes with flanges served as columns to fill in the sides of the stage. The red swags (plastic table cloths) bows and large Christmas balls atop the PVC pipes all came form the Dollar Tree. The Grinch’s sled holds one of the weekly themes in the series.

Breakdown of materials:  
Already had pallets = free
Sheets = $42
Airbrush materials = donated
Christmas balls and twine = $15
PVC and flanges = donated
Table Cloths, bows, Ornaments = $18
Sled = donated
White packages and bows = Donated
Styrofoam for trees = $22








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