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Grunge on Wood

Charlie Gabbard from Jubilee Worship Center in Hobart, IN brings us this fun combination of wood texture with grunge painted fabric.

Charlie used 4×8 sheets of plywood and cut them every 5 inches to create the paneled look. He then attached them frames made from 2×4’s. The size of the center panels were 8x8ft. The taller panels were 12ftx8ft wide.

He painted the panels orange, then draped landscape fabric down the taller panels. He used white paint and a stiff broom to create the look. In front he added a printed banner for their series.

The lighting team used 12 LED par 64 lights to illuminate the set.







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6 responses to “Grunge on Wood”

  1. Craig Taylor says:

    Sorry – can you explain the white paint and stiff broom comment? What did you do w/ the broom? Thanks!

    • charlie gabbard says:

      yes the patterns on the walls are black landscape fabric and I simply took a stiff house broom and white paint and just simply swep it across the fabric till i got the look I wanted. the colors are just the led light hitting the whit paint.

  2. You paint with it. I did one with a regular “corn Broom” I dipped it in 5 gallon bucket and drizzled it and splattered and twirled broom over the weed block

  3. Craig Taylor says:

    As the paint brush – duh – man, did I really just ask that? I guess it was pre-coffee! lol

  4. Shante'e says:

    You are brilliantly gifted at stage designing. You must have a faithful team of builders to help you in making your vision come to life. This demonstration shows all of us onlookers that there is something for everyone to do in Kingdom building. How often do you design at your church? Obviously, this goes to show that ministry doesn’t only consist of ushering, greeting, singing or other openly noticeable services. This is a great display of behind the scenes, no one saw me do it, Godly service. I’m impressed at the work that God never ceases to expose. Beautiful job to you and your team! Keep up the GOD work!!!!!

  5. Elsie says:

    I love it! Love the use of color. Great job!

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