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Brad Miller from Shield of Faith in Rock Hill, SC brings us this use of aluminum mesh that looks like hammered metal.

They started with black curtains attached to the backdrop that was already on the church stage. They poked holes in the curtains and attached a lightweight chain to the backdrop with hooks. They hung the first mesh square to that. They bought the squares of aluminum mesh from Lowes. They crinkled it up before hanging them. They varied in size from 2-6 feet.

The tall pillars were PVC pipe and 2×4’s covering in spandex. They put grommets into the spandex and screwed them into the back of the 2×4’s to hold them in place.

They used old par can lights they had on hand. They also added mini LED strips (Chauvet). Those cost around $120 each.

The whole design cost under $800.

Shining Shimmering Splendid A Mighty Fortress

8 responses to “Hammered”

  1. Kim Jacobs says:

    Is the metal a problem for your sound?

  2. brad miller says:

    Not at all. the stuff we used is almost like window screen.

  3. Andy says:

    Would you happen to know the item ID number from Lowes on that Mesh. I’m trying to build something with that same material

    • Brad miller says:

      No I don’t we had it left over from another project that we did a while back. Sorry about that.

      • John Gill says:

        Don’t say your sorry for that, I haven’t had much luck finding it either, however re-purposing something is much better then just buying everything!

  4. Brad miller says:

    Tell me about we save so much that way we try not to buy anything butt sometime u got to do what u gotta do.

  5. Tyler Jacobs says:

    They sell this at Lowes. You’ll probably have to go to the window department and have them special order it. You want the Brite Aluminum screening. I think that’s how they spell it.

  6. Robert says:

    ADFORS Aluminum Screen, 36″ x 100′, Bright

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