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Hanging Christmas

Holly Sorrells from Calvary Wesleyan Church in Harrington, DE brings us this Christmas design with different looks.

Their stage design team created their Christmas set as inspired from the design Reel Christmas. They created two 12′ trees out of 2×4’s angled at the top to a neat point and then painted with a white wash so you could still see the grain. They hung a lit Christmas star ornament in the center of each and lit them with LED panels and pars. They also created 6 string balls made from jute and Aileen’s craft glue wrapped around 3 different sized balls (gym ball, bouncy ball and a punching balloon). The gym balls were reusable but they popped the others since they were super cheap. All 6 balls took about 3 large bottles of glue and 4 balls of jute.

They then created hangers for a light bulb out of really strong wire clothes hangers (free) and light kits. Instead of buying expensive wire, they bought super cheap extension cords and cuts the female end off. They wrapped boxes as presents out of craft paper and to hide the lights at the base of the trees. As the season progressed, they added color changing LED bulbs to their wall sconces and a nativity stable for the Christmas Eve services for the toddlers nativity scene. For a few weeks after Christmas they planned to remove the presents and change the lit star in the trees to a snowflake and the colors on the towers and trussing to icy blue/wintery look.

Total project cost them approximately $300.







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