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Hanging Wood Walls

Logan Butler & David Barrick from The Woodlands First Baptist Church in The Woodlands, TX brings us this design for their youth retreat.

This set was for Elevation Weekend, a youth retreat for FUSE Students (the church’s student ministry). The theme of the week was The Pause, so they made wood panels to symbolizes going back to the roots. They got cedar planks and stapled them to OSB board to create the wood panels that hung. The panels took 3 full days to complete. The panels were hung with safeties from a truss structure that was 52′ wide by 10′ tall.

They hung light bulbs between the wood and had par blinders on the truss so they could have an all acoustic feel with the wood and only higher color temperature lights. In addition, they had LED blinders and LED pars on the wood so they could saturate the room with color as the mood of the room changed from an acoustic set to a more full band set.

The entire set was put up in a day and taken down the day after the event ended.


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10 responses to “Hanging Wood Walls”

  1. Jason Boyd says:

    Incredible design! Two questions, where would one buy cedar planks like those used in this design? Secondly, what size and kind of light bulbs where used in between the panels? Thanks again!

  2. Zeke Dorr says:

    Hey guys,

    I went with the guys to purchase the planks from Home Depot. It was really cheap. Depending on the look you want, you can buy different sizes.

    As far as the light bulb size, I’m not sure.

  3. John Bovinette says:

    How wide are each wall that is being hung? Looks fantastic!

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