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Having an Episode

Nathan LeJeune from Jesus Worship Center in Jennings, Louisiana brings us this youth remodel.

Their youth took over the old church building. It’s a simple block rectangle building. They had a very small budget ($700) and were looking to make as drastic a change as possible – without taking away any of the ‘old church’ decor.

So they built a faux wall using eight 4×8 frames with foam on the outside. Then they built 3 rises for the band members.

They took the faux walls and painted the foam on the front black. They then used white duck tape to make the large squares and picked several squares to paint different colors.

They made the sign for the top (the name of their service) and placed some simple shop lights on the sign.

Then they painted several foam sheets black, splatter painted them, and wrote Hebrew words for “Christ” on them. Then they hung them to lower the large ceilings.

They placed two light boxes on each side of the drums with simple colored lights in them.

They also placed their four par cans with colored filters behind the faux walls to shine up on the walls.

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One response to “Having an Episode”

  1. Jared Hall says:

    Very nicely done! Looks great!

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