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Steven Hall from in Norman, OK brings us this cool stage filled with blinders.

From Steven: Every year our church celebrates the past year at our My Church is Kinda of a Big Deal Event. We have a high energy worship set, food trucks, games, and carnival rides. It is a blast to say the least.

For the set we wanted to play off of rectangular shapes. Our main element to build off of was a rectangular projection screen we built. We built it 4′ x 16′ out of plywood, 2x4s, spandex, and half a million staples. It was WAY WAY over built and very heavy. Pro tip plywood screens are dumb.

Since then, we have built some odd shaped screens out of solid Mod Scenes panels that are much lighter and easier to build.

In addition to the screen, we made 5 rectangular blinder arrays. Each one (except the center) held 7- 4 bar blinders. We had a bunch of these blinders from a past set, so they were an easy and cost effective win).

To support the blinders, we built segments of 20′ long uni-strut on the ground. We built these unistrut pieces into pods for easy rigging. Each pod had a top and bottom unistrut that was bridged with 4 bar blinders. We latter combined these pods in the air to create 40′ long spans. We evenly spread 7 blinders across these 40′ sections.

We also used the same unistrut to support some of our GLP pixel tape. We zip tied it on, doing our best to make sure all the connections ended in the center for wiring ease. Hanging the tape horizontally was a pain but created a cool low res strip of content near each blinder.

In the process of building the few additional blinders we needed, we realized we could improve them a bit. We took this improved version and added it to the stuff we do with Mod Scenes to serve other churches. You can find them here. You can also find all the DYI instructions here.

We wired each of our blinders individually which gave us some really cool effects. We used Light O Rama LOR 1602s to dim them.

As we built off our rectangular design, I started wanting to make a change to the originally flat pipes that supported our Mac 101s.

We ended up creating 4 angles pipe sets that created a diamond around the center screen. It makes for an awesome element that draws your eyes in. It also gave us a bunch of great varied lighting angles with the 101s. We placed our Colorblast TRXs between the 101s for even more beams.

We also placed some LED tape into our drummers new acrylic kit.

As always, we did a really cool design in the lobby too to boost the energy. We blew up about 3,000 balloons and made some balloon clouds. It was cool and a pretty affordable thing.

More info can be found on my blog at

Infinity Stage Diamonds are a Stage's Best Friend

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  1. Caleb Mills says:

    Love the design! Question: how are you controlling the blinders? Are they DMX controlled?

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