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Heart Cross

Simon Robertson from Kings Community Church in Aberdeen, Scotland brings us this awesome mixture of modern look and traditional space.

From Simon: For our Easter series, ‘Love’, we made a simple stage design using an MDF heart with the cross shape cut out. Coroplast was applied to the back. The heart was then mounted to our pallet wall. Behind the heart was a strip of white led tape. We then made a simple light box and used vinyl to make a crown of thorns on the front of the box. For lighting we had 2 home made led batons at either side, and two led bars which were placed on the floor which illuminated not only the pallet wall but the archway also. All we paid for was the MDF as the lights and Coroplast had been used in a previous design.

Scratchy From Blue to Blue

One response to “Heart Cross”

  1. Jacob says:

    Are you all using a projector? If so, which one? Or is it LED screen. Really cool!

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