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Hidden Cross

Jason Wheeler from BridgePoint Bible Church in Houston, TX brings us this revealed glowing cross behind a bunch of junk.

For their Easter service they wanted to focus on how Jesus makes all things new. They designed a piece of junk art that would be prominently displayed during their Good Friday service. During the Easter Morning service, the art work was lit from the inside to project a cross.

They started by collecting random junk and pieces from some of the congregation. They built a 4’x10′ box frame. Using 2×4’s, they built a frame for the cross and screwed plywood to the front so that they could attach the junk pieces. Using fluorescent lights, they wired them together to one switch so they would come on at the same time. Using tracing paper, they stapled it over the cross to diffuse the light. They added cellophane for color to give a stained glass look. Finally, they attached the junk to the cross.

For the Good Friday service, they lit it with red and had black fabric hanging on some wooden panels. Changing to white for Easter Morning, they started off with a dancer dancing to Gungor’s Beautiful Things. During the chorus, she faced the piece at which they turned on the cross.

They were able to create this piece for about $200 and two days worth of work.

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