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Hillbilly Set

Jonathan Wood from Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, TX brings us this hillbilly VBS design.

From Jonathan: This years theme for VBS was the “Great Hillbilly Showdown”. This is probably one of the easiest themes to design for simply because everything just has to be a mess and look like junk! However, making things look “junky” and well designed does have it challenges at times. There is a fine line between it looking like you just emptied dumpsters on stage and actually strategically placing items to make it aesthetically pleasing. Our budget for our entire production is actually less than $2k but fortunately we have spent years gathering props, staging and lighting so we are able to keep things pretty lean. I also realize that a $2k budget is out of the question for some so there are always ways to save money. We have borrowed “old stuff” from people in the past as well as cars etc. I found plenty of free stuff on the side of the road and we used old fence sections to create a backstage passage for our crew.

Our only construction this year was the Shack on the House Left side and the Trailer Center Stage. We used basic construction for both the shack and trailer. We recycled metal roofing from previous years to do the shack roof and ran the same metal horizontal to make the trailer look authentic. You will notice that we ran plywood up about 18″ from the bottom of the trailer to make it look like it is up off of the ground.

We were also under a tight time line this year and basically completed the stage construction and prop placement in about 8 working days. There are plenty of other behind the scenes things that had to be done but the bulk was completed relatively quickly due to the simplicity of the Stage Design. This theme allows for a simplified design because we were able to rely heavily on props rather than construction.

Photo-Jun-03-12-19-58-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-32-51-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-33-11-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-34-39-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-34-54-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-35-00-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-36-06-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-36-14-PM Photo-Jun-04-7-37-31-PM Photo-Jun-04-8-58-46-PM

Rows o' Spots Rockin' Christmas Trees

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