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Isaiah Franco from Sandals Church in Riverside, California brings us this barnyard hoedown look.

They started with 200+ lightbulbs on the stage. They use over 120 hanging bulbs, 24 bulbs on the stage, and 52 bulbs as footlight. They found where to bu lamp cords, sockets, and power cables from They purchased all their stuff from and They got a mix of 10′ and 18′ lamp cords as well as a ton of power cable and power strips.

They had 12 circuits of dimming available (six in the air and six on the floor). To help keep it all organized, they color-coded all extension cords, lamp cords, and power strips.

Their building doesn’t have a grid to hang lights from, so they engineered some wire rope and volleyball nets to suspend the lights from.

They had over 200 man-hours on this project including one volunteer who spend over 40 hours in the lift that week.

For the upstage wall, they used old pallets and assembled them together to form two small walls. They wanted light to be able to be shown through them as well as a place to hang lights and posters from. Each wall had 2×4 vertical supports that the pallets attach to and was roughly 80 inches wide and 15 feet tall. They strapped them in at the top to make sure they wouldn’t move.

Behind each pallet wall, they placed three LEDs that wash the backside of each wall. They also had a Mac500 behind each one to throw beams through the slats in the pallets.

Dark Projection Crazy Lines

9 responses to “Hoedown”

  1. Tina says:

    I really like the random lights and the backdrop that looks like the wall of an old barn. Very cute.

  2. Steven Hall says:

    Looks stunning guys!!! Keep up the great work for our amazing creator!


  3. Deb Parish says:

    Where did you find all the light bulbs and how did you light all of the them and hang them?

    • Isaiah Franco says:

      We purchased the light bulbs from Amazon. We used 12 dimming channels (six in the air and six on the floor). All the cords for each bulb are zip-tied to volleyball nets that are suspended above the stage.

      • Howard says:

        Nice 1 my friend…keep up ur really a simple and great work/design stage.thanks for the idea Ya ~_~)

  4. Cole says:

    I love the look of the random light bulbs at very dim levels. But what are the moving lights doing behind the back wall? Do they go through the slats?

  5. Fernando Cano says:

    Can u tell me wich light bulbs exactly did you bought on amazon?
    I want to make that same effect but in a smaller room, how can i do that??

    thanks! and God bless!

  6. Allen says:

    What kind of stuff/decor is hanging on the pallet walls?


  7. Allen says:

    What items were purchased from monoprice?


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