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Paul Fowler from New Minas Baptist in New Minas, Nova Scotia brings us this Christmas neighborhood.

They decided to do a series called There’s No Place Like Home, so Paul came up with the idea of building pallet wood cabins with the logo, door, and a window. They first stripped about 50 pallets, then built a two simple frames using 1”x3” strapping and attached the pallet wood. Then they screwed each panel to either side of the stage rear wall.

They then added ¼” Masonite (painted flat black to match the rear wall) to create the roof pitch, then a strip along the bottom to make the cabins look suspended. They built the roof eaves complete with cedar shingles; added the logos, doors, windows, flower boxes and crosses.

To light the cabins, they simply used two Microh LED’s on each side.

To transition to Christmas, they created a new logo, added trees, sleds, Christmas lights (all controlled via DMX), mason jar lanterns as well as a couple of fences made from pallet wood with garland added.

The cost of the project was under $100.

When this season is over they will still have the large pallet walls by simply removing all the coverings.

Curtain Framed Missing Squares

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