Stage Designs

Hollow Crosses

Cody Pierce from First Baptist Church in Umatilla, FL brings us these Coroplast crosses built off the light tower idea.

Cody made two 11′ tall, 7′ wide, 1′ thick crosses made of Coroplast. He designed this to where all of the points met in the very center, which allowed an artistic look as well as a nice place he could make the connection fit with the style. They were held together with some very good black duct tape and 30lb fishing line to give the outer arms some structural support to the top center arm. Each cross used two and a half pieces of 4’x8′ 10mm Coroplast.

He started by scoring one side of the Coroplast so that when he made the cross arms they still had the support of being attached, rather than having four individual pieces without the structural support of them being attached. Then after scoring, he measured two of the beams and made a point at the halfway point and 6″ down the sides. The two sides that that were not at a point, he simply cut 6″ off of them. That way when the cross fit together everything would line up snugly.

He did this for all four beams. The base beam was 8′, and all of the others were 4′.

Once all were cut, he squared the pieces up and ran a 2″ piece of duct tape down the crease, for more structural support. Then he attached all of the pieces together. He taped the inside very well along each crease, then the outside very well along each crease. He put a 1’x1′ cap on the end of all but the bottom (which is where he put an LED light).






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