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Aníbal Ramírez, Rafael Ortíz, Natanael Cruz, José Milán and Marangelie Cedeño from Casa de Adoracón Jabes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico brings us this rustic design.

In their church, they do an annual acoustic worship night they call: adoraQstiko (aQ). They have a small stage and lots of musicians and worshippers, so they need to use space wisely in order to accommodate instruments, stage elements and people. For that night they wanted to do something special and create an intimate mood for praise and worship. They wanted to blur the line between worshippers and the congregation on the floor and invite everyone into an ambience of intimacy and worship. To accomplish that, they used various elements, including the warming effect of wood and pendant light bulbs—components widely used in stage designs—and tried to combine existing lighting and materials to render something that would look great and provide that intimate ambience they were looking for.

8 Pendant Cords
8 Clear Light Bulbs
5 Reclaimed Wood Pallets
Drywall Screws
3 Coffee Sacks
(6) 10’ L 1-5/8” Steel Studs
1yd Brown Contact Paper

They disassembled 5 wood pallets. Made three frames with the steel studs and painted them black with flat black spray paint. Then they screwed the individual wood pieces to the frame making 9 panels, and covered 3 out of the nine panels with coffee sacks. Frames were then fixed to the lighting truss. Finally they cut the adoraQstiko art logo (aQ) onto brown contact paper and pasted it to the central panel.

Light bulbs were about $4.00 each. Pendant fixtures about $6.00 each. Steel studs were about $3.00 each. So they spent about $100.00.






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