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I Am Multi-Purpose

Duncan Campbell from New Braunfels Church of Christ (Youth Group) in New Braunfels, Texas brings us this awesome typography piece that has multiple areas of illumination. (projection, blacklight, and LED lighting)

From Duncan:

Six foot letters I, A, M, from San Antonio Foam Fabricators (on hand from a previous series)
6 cinder blocks
6 black pillowcases
8 2×4 @ 96”
2 2×4 @ 120”
Deck screws
8 yards of 118” black cotton (JoAnn)
Black matte spray paint for the frame
4 bottles UVfx Black Light Poster Paint
8 RGB PARcans
8 blacklight tubes (on hand from another event)

Total spent: Around $400, but this would have easily doubled if we would have had to order the letters. We used one truss mounted projector for the I AM and two others for the lyrics and backgrounds. We ran ProPresenter 6 on two separate Macs to achieve the look.

First, we made the frame out of the 2x4s, then stapled the black cotton to it. Next, we put the cinder blocks inside the pillowcases and spaced them according to the letters to create the illusion that they were floating. Then we painted “with you” all over the letters and “Always” on the back ground with the UV paint, which is invisible under normal light. Then we mapped video to the letters using MaskeR-Aid from During the worship, we used the PARs or mapped video or both to create different looks. The final night’s lesson was I Am the Light of the World, which was when we revealed the UV paint; the set was used as an object lesson. He’s been there with us the whole time but sometimes he’s impossible to see until we use the right kind of light.

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5 responses to “I Am Multi-Purpose”

  1. Richard Thompson says:

    WHAT A GREAT LOOK!! Thanks for sharing! Love it.

  2. Duncan Campbell says:

    Thank you Richard!

  3. Tim says:

    I love this. Visually impactful and a way to textually display a powerful message.
    One of my fav backgrounds I’ve ever seen.

  4. Will Johnson says:

    How did you do the projector thing without it projecting behind it?

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