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I Like Big Blocks

…and I cannot lie. Ben Tomlinson from The Church at Liberty Square in Cartersville, GA brings us this wall of giant squares.

They wanted a cool set for their youth ministry but also wanted it to be inexpensive.

They bought some 4×8 ft styrofoam sheets from the local hardware store and cut them into three rectangular sizes. They recycled some white and black paint they had laying around and made some grey by mixing them. Theyh randomly spaced the different sizes and shades to give it some texture.

They hung an upstage truss to mount some LED pars. They placed one par per section of the backdrop so they could color each vertical strip separately.







Tilted, Shifted Wood Town

7 responses to “I Like Big Blocks”

  1. Geoff McLarty says:

    Nice use of inexpensive material! The first picture (purple shades) shows the depth you created by mixing grey in with white rectangles. Very nice!

  2. Emanuel says:

    Just imagine what you could have done if you would have some projectors ;)

    • Ben says:

      Thats the truth! It would be pretty killer if we could edgeblend two projectors with short throw lenses and then use the masking function in Propres to mask out the black gaps between the panels. I think it would create an LED wall sort of effect.

  3. Shirita says:

    This is awsome!! Two questions :
    Does it matter what type of paint being that its styrofoam ?
    What is being used to hang the rectangles?

    I can’t wait to exciute this and post.

    Thanks in advance for the information!

    Be blessed,

    • Ben says:

      Thanks, The paint we used was just typical latex based interor paint that probobly came from home depot. We had white paint and black paint but no grey so we mixed the white and black until we had a shade of grey we liked. On the mounting, we had some other styrofoam that is thicker then what the panels were made of. It was an 8 ft x 4ft sheet that was maybe 2 inches thick. We took that and cut many many short sticks that were 4ft long but only 2-3 inches wide by 2 inches deep and painted them black to hide them on our black back wall. They are the skinny black vertical strips you can see in the second picture. We used long wood screws and liquid nails to afix those strips to the wall. These served to make the squares stand off of the wall a few inches which we felt looked better then the squares sitting flat on the wall. After those went up we attached the squares to the strips using a combo of gaff tape and liquid nails. The glue will hold it but by itself we had trouble with the squares sagging down while the glue dried. The doublefolded Gaff tape served to hold the squares in the right spot until the glue dried. Thanks again for your kind words and best wishes on your project!

      Ben Tomlinson

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