Special Event Design

I Like it Loud

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this stage design that’s ready to make your ears bleed.

The center screen was driven by a Dell Precision workstation running Easy Worship (at the time) and a TripleHead2Go device. A secondary workstation running Easy Worship also was used to drive additional CGI on the side screens.

The VU towers were constructed from OSB and lamped with BR30 colored lamps with fluorescent type diffusers cut to size and slid in front of each section. Each VU pod was driven by 2 Socapex connectors. However, all sections operated as one (totaling nearly 100A of power) required using 36 dimmer channels.

A custom piece of software was developed to control the VU towers in real time. A computer took an input via ASIO based interface, the custom software then converted the audio level into MIDI note ON messages based on input level. MIDI was then routed out of the computer to a discrete 16 channel lighting console which acted as a MIDI>DMX converter. It also allowed for dimming and other chase effects to be applied to the towers.

Additional theming included Apple style ear buds hung left and right on stage with aircraft landing lights mounted within. This was constructed with a wooden frame, wire mesh and finally sculpted to shape with drywall putty compound. The ear bud wire was flexible drainage hose painted white.

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