Special Event Design

In the Fields

Tony Reid from Christ Community Church in Montgomery, AL brings us this great stage design for a series on Ruth.

They wanted to emulate the barley field which is such a big setting for the book of Ruth.

So they used four pallets to line the back of the stage with a barley-like weed cut from a field near by, zip tied, and stapled to the pallets. The sign was made from deconstructed pallets which was approximately 4’x11′. The word “Ruth” was then transferred onto the sign by using a 4’x9′ stencil printed out on a large plotter using the logo for the series. Off white paint was used to give a rustic effect. Two American DJ Mega Bar LED’s were used to light the “Ruth” logo which were hidden on top of the drum cage. Only four 8′ 2x4s were purchased to affix the sign to the drum cage which cost about 10 dollars. Pallets, weeds, and paint were freebies.

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